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NASA Awards 2008 Software of the Year
Industrial PCs Offer Configurable System Options and Quad-Core Performance
Choosing the Right Camera for Thermography Projects
Digital Video Recording and Analysis With Laser Targeting
Comparing Emissivity Evaluation Methods for Infrared Sources

Who's Who

Dr. Gerard Holzmann, Senior Research Scientist at the Laboratory for Reliable Software, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Products of the Month

Computational Fluid Dynamics Software
Product of the Month: Continuous Wave DPSS Ruby Laser
Custom Light Guide Capabilities
High-Speed Video Camera
Camera Link® Cable Assemblies
Laser Diode Driver
Power Switches and Injectors
Optical Interconnects
Optical Design Software
Optical-to-Electrical Converter
561nm, 150 mW CW DPSS Laser
Color Sensors
Digital 3D Cameras
Vision Software
Metrology Systems
Visual Inspection and Measurement Software
Graphics Processing Boards
Camera Link Video Splitter
CMOS Cameras
Single-Board Cameras
High-Speed Cameras
Widescreen Operator Interfaces
Fixed-Mount Reader
Camera System
Display Panels

Application Briefs

Micro-Molded Spacers Protect Thermal Insulation of Cryogenic Propellants
Lenses Monitor Hubble Space Telescope Servicing in Orbit
Disk Lasers in the Photovoltaic Industry
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

Parallel-Processing CMOS Circuitry for M-QAM and 8PSK TCM
Circuit for Driving Piezoelectric Transducers
Board Saver for Use With Developmental FPGAs
Digital Synchronizer Without Metastability

Mechanics & Machinery

Micro-Horn Arrays for Ultrasonic Impedance Matching
Improved Controller for a Three-Axis Piezoelectric Stage

Information Sciences

Rate-Compatible LDPC Codes With Linear Minimum Distance
Minimizing Input-to-Output Latency in Virtual Environment
PrimeSupplier Cross-Program Impact Analysis and Supplier Stability Indicator Simulation Model
Integrated Planning for Telepresence With Time Delays
Gaussian and Lognormal Models of Hurricane Gust Factors


Large-Format Carbon Nanotube Sheets Fabricated With Chemical Vapor Deposition
Filtering Water by Use of Ultrasonically Vibrated Nanotubes
Improvements in Production of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Progress Toward Sequestering Carbon Nanotubes in PmPV
Functionalizing CNTs for Making Epoxy/CNT Composites
Fluoroester Co-Solvents for Low-Temperature Li⁺ Cells
Improved Aerogel Vacuum Thermal Insulation
Using Volcanic Ash To Remove Dissolved Uranium and Lead


Computer Code for Nanostructure Simulation
Qualifying Software for Nuclear-Safety-Related Calculations
Acoustic Structure Interactions
Analysis of Transient Electric Dipole
Spacecraft Station-Keeping Trajectory and Mission Design Tools
Integrated Modeling of Spacecraft Touch-And-Go SamplingIntegrated Modeling of Spacecraft Touch-And-Go Sampling
Simulation of Attitude and Trajectory Dynamics and Control of Multiple Spacecraft
Port-O-Sim Object Simulation Application
Efficient Model-Based Diagnosis Engine
FPGA Boot Loader and Scrubber
DSN Simulator
Proton Upset Monte Carlo Simulation
Using Thermal Radiation in Detection of Negative Obstacles
Planning Flight Paths of Autonomous Aerobots
Tracking Debris Shed by a Space-Shuttle Launch Vehicle
Oxygen Generation System Laptop Bus Controller Flight Software
Estimating Thruster Impulses From IMU and Doppler Data
Cliffbot Maestro
Monitoring and Controlling an Underwater Robotic Arm
Digital Camera Control for Faster Inspection
Reaction Wheel Disturbance Model Extraction Software — RWDMES
Evolvable Neural Software System
Conical-Domain Model for Estimating GPS Ionospheric Delays
Complex Event Recognition Architecture
Interactive, Automated Management of Icing Data
Prediction of Launch Vehicle Ignition Overpressure and Liftoff Acoustics
LDPC-PPM Coding Scheme for Optical Communication
TurboTech Technical Evaluation Automated System
Geospatial Authentication
Perl Modules for Constructing Iterators
Robot Vision Library
Relay Sequence Generation Software
Tropical Cyclone Information System
Dynamic Hurricane Data Analysis Tool
Group Capability Model
XML Translator for Interface Descriptions
XVD Image Display Program
Mars Science Laboratory Workstation Test Set
GlastCam: A Telemetry-Driven Spacecraft Visualization Tool
Telemetry-Enhancing Scripts
Computing Bounds on Resource Levels for Flexible Plans
Mission Operations and Navigation Toolkit Environment
Extensible Infrastructure for Browsing and Searching Abstracted Spacecraft Data
Lossless Compression of Data Into Fixed-Length Packets
Video-Game-Like Engine for Depicting Spacecraft Trajectories
Analog Input Data Acquisition Software
MSLICE Science Activity Planner for the Mars Science Laboratory Mission
Alert Notification System Router
MAGIC: Model and Graphic Information Converter
Lossless Compression of Classification-Map Data
Policy-Based Management Natural Language Parser
Framework for ReSTful Web Services in OSGi
Data Management Applications for the Service Preparation Subsystem

Manufacturing & Prototyping

High-Efficiency Artificial Photosynthesis Using a Novel Alkaline Membrane Cell
Silicon Wafer-Scale Substrate for Microshutters and Detector Arrays

Physical Sciences

Dynamic Self-Locking of an OEO Containing a VCSEL
Nonlinear Thermal Compensators for WGM Resonators
Internal Water Vapor Photoacoustic Calibration
Mid-Infrared Reflectance Imaging of Thermal-Barrier Coatings
Improving the Visible and Infrared Contrast Ratio of Microshutter Arrays
Improved Scanners for Microscopic Hyperspectral Imaging


Computer-Assisted Laser Treatment Using Real-Time Retinal Tracking
Medical Information Network Decision Support System
Quantifying Therapeutic and Diagnostic Efficacy in 2D Microvascular Images
Micro-Organ Devices
Mulifunctional Electrosurgical Instrument
Sensory Feedback System for Prosthetic Hand Using Interferential Current
Remote Diagnostic Technology for Hearing Assessment
Three-Dimensional Near-Infrared Imaging of Pathophysiological Changes Within the Breast
Software Corrects for Inhomogeneities in Digital Radiographic Images
Nano-Pervaporation Membrane With Heat Exchanger Generates Medical-Grade Water
Wireless Brain Implant Using a Telemetric Electrode Array System
Digital Wound Measurement and Tracking System

Electronics & Computers

Two-Stage Variable Sample-Rate Conversion System
Estimating Transmitted-Signal Phase Variations for Uplink Array Antennas
Differential InP HEMT MMIC Amplifiers Embedded in Waveguides
Compact, Low-Overhead, MIL-STD-1553B Controller
Battery Cell Voltage Sensing and Balancing Using Addressable Transformers
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Technology to Deposit Spray on the Underside of Crop Plants
Fast-Acting, Broad-Spectrum Disinfectant

NASA Tech Needs

Hydrogen Reclamation and Reutilization

Tech for License

Tamper-Evident Packaging for Consumer Products
Microscale Atomic Clock Enables Applications in GPS, and Radio Channel Density