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Articles: Electronics & Computers
To ensure networks are prepared for the next wave of transmission, operators need to build wave multiplexing systems that will allow connections to migrate to 100 Gb/s.
Briefs: Design
The researchers plan to apply the design to edge computing devices.
Quiz: Electronics & Computers
How much do you know about e-skin? Find out with the quiz below.
Articles: Connectivity
In the coming years, the wireless communications segment will expand significantly as 5G private networks launch.
Briefs: Energy
Computer-Implemented Energy Depletion Radiation Shielding
Radiation shielding for space as well as some terrestrial applications is challenging due to the wide variety and energy ranges of radiation particles.
Products: Electronics & Computers
See the new products on the market.
INSIDER: Nanotechnology

The challenge of fabricating nanowires directly on silicon substrates for the creation of the next generation of electronics has finally been solved by...

White Papers: Defense
Network Digital Twins Add Necessary Fidelity to Constructive Simulations

Successful constructive simulations used for wargaming in an era of strategic fluidity and rapid change depend on high-fidelity models to correctly predict scenario...

Articles: Robotics, Automation & Control
The platform was developed to democratize programmable matter; to make prototyping, innovation, and research with soft robotics incredibly quick and easy; and to enable researchers, designers, and makers of all backgrounds to unleash their creativity and bring their ideas to life.
Products: Electronics & Computers
Automotive engineers utilize Adams software to build their virtual vehicle prototypes and Adams Real Time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) capabilities to bridge the gap with physical tests.
INSIDER: Semiconductors & ICs

An international team of researchers has designed and built a chip that runs computations directly in memory and can run a wide variety of AI applications — all at a fraction of the energy...

Application Briefs: AR/AI
More than 80 percent of manufacturers experienced at least one instance of unplanned downtime during the past three years, and a single factory can lose $2.3 million annually due to unplanned stoppages.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Compound semiconductors will play an ever more important role in the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) into 5G territory.
Quiz: Electronics & Computers
How did this computer revolution happen? Who were some of the pioneers? How long has it taken to get here?
INSIDER: Imaging

An ultrathin invention could make future computing, sensing and encryption technologies remarkably smaller and more powerful by helping scientists control a strange but...

Articles: Electronics & Computers
Billions of connected devices have been adopted within our personal eco-systems, rising two-fold during the pandemic. This means there are even more devices in our lives which can be attacked.
Technology Leaders: Photonics/Optics
Existing infrastructure still relies on many electrical signal processing components embedded inside fiber optic networks.
INSIDER: Medical

A new material holds promise for the next generation of organic electronics.

Products: Electronics & Computers
New products on the market in August 2022.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The researchers plan to apply the design to edge computing devices.
Question of the Week: Electronics & Computers
Smart Molecules Act as Computer Transistors

Researchers have discovered a single-molecule switch that can act like a transistor and store binary information. The molecule is around five square nanometers in size — more than one billion of them would fit onto the cross-section of a human hair.

Briefs: Electronics & Computers

Researchers have discovered a single-molecule switch that can act like a transistor and store binary information such as the 1s and 0s used in classical computing. The molecule is around five...

Briefs: Motion Control

For many types of machinery and test equipment, there is a great need to perform basic automatic control functions, or even just sensor monitoring. Developing hardwired automation is...

INSIDER: Photonics/Optics

Everyone is talking about quantum computers. By interconnecting as many qubits (two-state quantum systems) as possible, massive amounts of data can be processed more easily, quickly and securely...

Articles: Imaging

High-speed digital imaging expands the benefits of traditional machine vision (MV), transforming it from a process control tool into a diagnostic tool. Traditional MV systems use...

Facility Focus: Electronics & Computers

Founded in 1876, the University of Colorado Boulder (CU Bolder) is a public research university in Boulder, CO. The College of Engineering and Applied Science at CU Boulder was founded in 1893. With an...

Application Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
A platform makes space-bound systems quick, easy, and cost-effective to develop.
INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

The information age created over nearly 60 years has given the world the internet, smart phones, and lightning-fast computers. Making this possible has been the doubling of the...