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Products: Software
Automotive engineers utilize Adams software to build their virtual vehicle prototypes and Adams Real Time Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) capabilities to bridge the gap with physical tests.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Some of the hardest to detect cyber-attacks are wireless, including man-in-the-middle attacks and rogue access points.
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Application Briefs: Electronics & Computers
More than 80 percent of manufacturers experienced at least one instance of unplanned downtime during the past three years, and a single factory can lose $2.3 million annually due to unplanned stoppages.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Compound semiconductors will play an ever more important role in the expansion of the Internet of Things (IoT) into 5G territory.
Quiz: Electronics & Computers
How did this computer revolution happen? Who were some of the pioneers? How long has it taken to get here?
Articles: Internet of Things
Billions of connected devices have been adopted within our personal eco-systems, rising two-fold during the pandemic. This means there are even more devices in our lives which can be attacked.
INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

Engineers at Caltech, ETH Zurich, and Harvard are developing artificial intelligence (AI) that will allow autonomous drones to use ocean currents to aid their navigation, rather...

Products: Robotics, Automation & Control
Motors, suspension arms, slit couplings, and more.
Application Briefs: Electronics & Computers
A mobile robot will go to the South Pole of the Moon — with help from radiation-hardened avionics.
Products: Electronics & Computers
Epoxies, reverse-engineering software, temperature loggers, and more.
Special Reports: Electronics & Computers
Rugged Computing - March 2021

From the battlefield to the oceans to the extremes of space, electronics and computing advances enable missions in the harshest conditions. To help you keep pace with the latest developments, we present this...

Blog: Transportation
Deciding between edge computing and cloud computing? Make sure to consider these four major factors, says our industry expert.
Briefs: Imaging
An ultrafast image sensor with a built-in neural network can be trained to recognize certain objects.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The method determines whether circuits are accurately executing complex operations that classical computers can’t tackle.
Products: Data Acquisition
Photoelectric sensors, cable connectors, power monitors, and USB3 cameras.
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
Linking multiple copies of these devices may lay the foundation for quantum computing.
Products: Motion Control
Industrial PCs, power modules, processor blades, and more.
Briefs: Data Acquisition
Apps could take up less space on a smartphone and apps could download instantly.
Special Reports: Defense
Rugged Computing - February 2020

From the battlefield to the extreme environment of space, electronics and computing advances enable missions in the harshest conditions. To help you keep pace with the latest developments, we present this...

Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The functional transistors are integrated with ferroelectric RAM.
Products: Test & Measurement
OnLogic has introduced the Karbon 700 high-performance rugged computer.
Articles: Communications

We recently interviewed Justin Bessette, Manager, Wireless Systems and Software Engineering at LORD Corporation, Micro-Strain® Sensing Systems, about the nuts and bolts of a wireless...

INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

A Washington State University research team has uncovered significant and previously unknown vulnerabilities in high-performance computer chips that could lead to failures in modern electronics....

Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Biometric-Based User Authentication

Rapid adoption of mobile platforms such as smartphones and tablet computers has increased the range of applications and data on mobile devices. The use of these devices to communicate sensitive or confidential data requires, among other things, strong front-end user authentication procedures and/or protocols...

Products: Green Design & Manufacturing
Laptop Computers

Eurocom, Nepean, ON, Canada offers Sky “C” Series laptop computers based on the Z370 Intel chipset and using CPU-upgrade-able, LGA1151 socket-based processors. They support up to...

5 Ws: Imaging

Individuals needing or wanting to examine lead content in their drinking water on-demand and in virtually any environmental setting.

Application Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control

There are few industries where the demands for material testing and quality assurance are more challenging than in the aerospace industry. Ensuring the safety of all...

Articles: Robotics, Automation & Control

Internet of Things (IoT) applications — whether for city infrastructures, factories, or wearable devices — use large arrays of sensors collecting data for transmission over the Internet to a central,...