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Briefs: Software
Robust, Flexible Motion Control for the Mars Explorer Rovers

The Mobility Flight Software, running on computers aboard the Mars Explorer Rover (MER) robotic vehicles Spirit and Opportunity, affords the robustness and flexibility of control to enable safe and effective operation of these vehicles in traversing natural terrain. It can make the...

Briefs: Software
Improved Path Planning Onboard the Mars Exploration Rovers

A revised version of the AutoNav (autonomous navigation with hazard avoidance) software running onboard each Mars Exploration Rover (MER) affords better obstacle avoidance than does the previous version. Both versions include GESTALT (Grid-based Estimation of Surface Traversability...

Briefs: Software
Inertial Measurements for Aero-assisted Navigation (IMAN)

IMAN is a Python tool that provides inertial sensor-based estimates of spacecraft trajectories within an atmospheric influence. It provides Kalman filterderived spacecraft state estimates based upon data collected onboard, and is shown to perform at a level comparable to the conventional...

Briefs: Software
Solar Sail Spaceflight Simulation

The Solar Sail Spaceflight Simulation Software (S5) toolkit provides solar-sail designers with an integrated environment for designing optimal solar-sail trajectories, and then studying the attitude dynamics/ control, navigation, and trajectory control/ correction of sails during realistic mission simulations....

Briefs: Software
Deep Space Network Antenna Logic Controller

The Antenna Logic Controller (ALC) software controls and monitors the motion control equipment of the 4,000- metric-ton structure of the Deep Space Network 70-meter antenna. This program coordinates the control of 42 hydraulic pumps, while monitoring several interlocks for personnel and equipment...

Briefs: Software
Modeling Magnetic Properties in EZTB

A software module that calculates magnetic properties of a semiconducting material has been written for incorporation into, and execution within, the Easy (Modular) Tight-Binding (EZTB) software infrastructure. [EZTB is designed to model the electronic structures of semiconductor devices ranging from bulk...

Briefs: Software
Modeling Carbon and Hydrocarbon Molecular Structures in EZTB

A software module that models the electronic and mechanical aspects of hydrocarbon molecules and carbon molecular structures on the basis of first principles has been written for incorporation into, and execution within, the Easy (Modular) Tight-Binding (EZTB) software infrastructure,...

Briefs: Software
BigView Image Viewing on Tiled Displays

BigView allows for interactive panning and zooming of images of arbitrary size on desktop PCs running Linux. Additionally, it can work in a multi-screen environment where multiple PCs cooperate to view a single, large image. Using this software, one can explore — on relatively modest machines —...

Briefs: Software
Rapid Analysis of Mass Distribution of Radiation Shielding

Radiation Shielding Evaluation Toolset (RADSET) is a computer program that rapidly calculates the spatial distribution of mass of an arbitrary structure for use in ray-tracing analysis of the radiation-shielding properties of the structure. RADSET was written to be used in conjunction...

Briefs: Software
Software Compensates Electronic-Nose Readings for Humidity

A computer program corrects for the effects of humidity on the readouts of an array of chemical sensors (an "electronic nose"). To enable the use of this program, the array must incorporate an independent humidity sensor in addition to sensors designed to detect analytes other than water...

Briefs: Software
Imaging Sensor Flight and Test Equipment Software

The Lightning Imaging Sensor (LIS) is one of the components onboard the Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission (TRMM) satellite, and was designed to detect and locate lightning over the tropics. The LIS flight code was developed to run on a single onboard digital signal processor, and has operated...

Briefs: Software
Space Propulsion Design and Analysis

This software provides an improved methodology for predicting launcher base pressure and heat loads for RSRM (Reusable Solid Rocket Motor) launchers by accounting for complex anisotropic stress/ strains and variable turbulent Prandtl and Schmidt numbers. A "building block" approach to turbulence model...

Briefs: Software
Processing AIRS Scientific Data Through Level 2

The Atmospheric Infrared Spectrometer (AIRS) Science Processing System (SPS) is a collection of computer programs, denoted product generation executives (PGEs), for processing the readings of the AIRS suite of infrared and microwave instruments orbiting the Earth aboard NASA's Aqua spacecraft. AIRS...

Briefs: Software

PREDICTS is a computer program that predicts the frequencies, as functions of time, of signals to be received by a radio science receiver — in this case, a special-purpose digital receiver dedicated to analysis of signals received by an antenna in NASA's Deep Space Network (DSN). Unlike other software used in the DSN, PREDICTS...

Briefs: Software
Analyzing Responses of Chemical Sensor Arrays

NASA is developing a third-generation electronic nose (ENose) capable of continuous monitoring of the International Space Station's cabin atmosphere for specific, harmful airborne contaminants. Previous generations of the ENose have been described in prior NASA Tech Briefs issues.

Briefs: Software
Triaxial Probe Magnetic Data Analysis

The Triaxial Magnetic Moment Analysis software uses measured magnetic field test data to compute dipole and quadrupole moment information from a hardware element. It is used to support JPL projects needing magnetic control and an understanding of the spacecraftgenerated magnetic fields.

Briefs: Software
Parallelization of the Coupled Earthquake Model

This Web-based tsunami simulation system allows users to remotely run a model on JPL's supercomputers for a given undersea earthquake. At the time of this reporting, predicting tsunamis on the Internet has never happened before. This new code directly couples the earthquake model and the ocean...

Briefs: Software
Modeling of Radiative Transfer in Protostellar Disks

This program implements a spectral line, radiative transfer tool for interpreting Spitzer Space Telescope observations by matching them with models of protostellar disks for improved understanding of planet and star formation. The Spitzer Space Telescope detects gasphase molecules in the...

Briefs: Software
KML Super Overlay to WMS Translator

This translator is a server-based application that automatically generates KML super overlay configuration files required by Google Earth for map data access via the Open Geospatial Consortium WMS (Web Map Service) standard. The translator uses a set of URL parameters that mirror the WMS parameters as much as...

Briefs: Software
High-Performance Tiled WMS and KML Web Server

This software is an Apache 2.0 module implementing a high-performance map server to support interactive map viewers and virtual planet client software. It can be used in applications that require access to very-high-resolution geolocated images, such as GIS, virtual planet applications, and flight...

Briefs: Software
Displaying Properties of PDFs

PDFVis is a computer program that assists in visualization of uncertainty as represented by a probability density function (PDF) located at each grid cell in a spatial domain. PDFVis performs the following functions:

The Flyby Geometry Optimization Tool is a computer program for computing trajectories and trajectory-altering impulsive maneuvers for spacecraft used in radio relay of scientific data to Earth from an...

Briefs: Software
WMAP C&DH Software

The command- and-data- handling (C&DH) software of the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) spacecraft functions as the sole interface between (1) the spacecraft and its instrument subsystem and (2) ground operations equipment.

This software includes a command-decoding and -distribution system, a telemetry/...

Livingstone2 is a reusable, artificial intelligence (AI) software system designed to assist spacecraft, life support systems, chemical plants, or other complex systems by operating with...

Briefs: Software
Modular Filter and Source-Management Upgrade of RADAC

In an upgrade of the Range Data Acquisition Computer (RADAC) software, a modular software object library was developed to implement required functionality for filtering of flight-vehicle- tracking data and management of tracking-data sources. (The RADAC software is used to process...

Briefs: Software
CASPER Version 2.0

The Continuous Activity Scheduling Planning Execution and Replanning (CASPER) computer program has been updated to version 2.0. A prototype version was reported in "Software for Continuous Replanning During Execution" (NPO-20972), NASA Tech Briefs, Vol. 26, No. 7 (April 2002), page 67. To recapitulate: CASPER is designed to...

Information Sharing Protocol Advanced Tool of Math (ISPATOM) is an application program allowing for the streamlined generation of "comps," which subscribe to streams of...

Briefs: Software
Program Management Tool

The Program Management Tool (PMT) is a comprehensive, Web-enabled business intelligence software tool for assisting program and project managers within NASA enterprises in gathering, comprehending, and disseminating information on the progress of their programs and projects. The PMT provides planning and management...

A computer program implements the algorithm described in "Hypothetical Scenario Generator for Fault-Tolerant Diagnosis" (NPO-42516), NASA Tech Briefs, Vol. 31, No. 6 (June 2007), page 71. To...

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