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New Rotary Sensor Keeps Conveyor Belts Running Smoothly

Rotary sensors can help determine the position of a moveable body in relation to an axis. They are essential to the smooth running of car engines in the automotive industry, for example. In factories, goods and products are transported from one processing station to the next via conveyor...

News : RF & Microwave Electronics
GPS Tide Gauge Measures Sea Level Change

Using radio signals from satellite navigation systems, Scientists at Chalmers Department of Earth and Space Sciences have developed and tested a Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) tide gauge, an instrument that measures the sea level.

The GNSS tide gauge uses radio signals from satellites in...

News : Test & Measurement
NASA Uses High-Voltage Power Lines to Measure Phenomenon Causing Outages

Heliophysicist Antti Pulkkinen of NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center and his team are installing scientific substations beneath high-voltage power transmission lines to measure in real time a phenomenon known as geomagnetically induced currents (GICs). In addition to...

News : Aerospace
Unmanned Aircraft Tested as Tool for Measuring Polar Ice Sheets

Scientists studying the behavior of the world's ice sheets — and the future implications of ice sheet behavior for global sealevel rise — may soon have a new airborne tool that will allow radar measurements that previously would have been prohibitively expensive or difficult to...

News : Test & Measurement
OCULLAR Provides Around-the-Clock Ocean Measurements

A team led at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, Md., has developed an instrument capable of observing ocean color during normal sunlight conditions and under moonlight — a first-ever capability that will allow scientists to monitor the health and chemistry of the planet’s...

News : Test & Measurement
Optical Inspection System Finds Defects in Ultra-High-Speed Manufacturing

Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Physical Measurement Techniques IPM in Germany have developed an optical inspection system called WIRE-AOI that can detect defects in strip products such as pipes, rails, and wires in real time. The system detects micro-defects...

News : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Mini Science Lab Detects Multiple Bio Agents

It can cost hundreds of dollars and days to scan biological materials for important biomarkers that signal diseases such as diabetes or cancer using industry standard equipment. Researchers face enormous time constraints and financial hurdles from having to run these analyses on a regular basis. A...

Articles : Test & Measurement
Elemental Scanning Devices Authenticate Works of Art

Are the shoes you’re wearing really made of leather? Is the table nearby made of wood? How can you be sure? These questions may seem trivial in everyday life, but knowing the precise chemical makeup of spacecraft components is a crucial part of quality control and can help ensure a...

Application Briefs : Test & Measurement
Relays Enable Curiosity Rover’s Chemistry Instrument

NASA’s Curiosity rover landed in the Gale Crater on Mars on August 5, having flown over 127 million miles since its November 2011 launch. As part of NASA’s Mars Exploration Program, Curiosity will look for evidence of past or present habitable environments.

Briefs : Test & Measurement
Beat-to-Beat Blood Pressure Monitor

This device provides non-invasive beat-to-beat blood pressure measurements and can be worn over the upper arm for prolonged durations. Phase and waveform analyses are performed on filtered proximal and distal photoplethysmographic (PPG) waveforms obtained from the brachial artery. The phase analysis is used...

Products : Photonics/Optics
Fabry-Perot Etalons

Optical Surfaces Ltd (Surrey, UK) can supply Fabry-Perot etalons in a range of shapes and sizes up to 150mm in diameter with matching accuracies to lambda/300. Etalons are widely used in telecommunications, lasers and spectroscopic applications to measure the wavelength of light. Fabry Perot etalons are available from...

Application Briefs : Test & Measurement
Heat Exchanger Coils Control Temperature in NASA Icing Tunnel
Heat exchanger coils
Super Radiator Coils
Chaska, MN

A 25-foot-high wall of heat exchanger coils manufactured by Super Radiator Coils will replace the coils in the Icing Research Tunnel (IRT) at NASA’s John H. Glenn...

Articles : Photonics/Optics
NASA Awards 2009 Software of the Year

The NASA World Wind Java computer program developed at Ames Research Center at Moffett Field, CA, has won NASA’s 2009 Software of the Year award. Software engineers at Ames created the NASA World Wind Java Software Development Kit and Web Mapping Services Server. Patrick Hogan leads the NASA World Wind...

Articles : RF & Microwave Electronics
Beyond the Box: A Software-Defined Approach to RF Testing

The traditional engineering response to testing a new wireless standard often involves selecting a box instrument with the closest specifications. For automated test systems with multiple test requirements, this approach usually results in a different box for each measurement requirement...

Application Briefs : Test & Measurement
Measurement Systems Aid NASA in Study of Space Station Solar Array Anomaly
Surface and roundness measurement systems
Taylor Hobson
West Chicago, IL

NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama is using the Form Talysurf PGI 1230 Surface Measurement and the Talyrond 295...

Briefs : Materials
Crew Activity Analyzer

The crew activity analyzer (CAA) is a system of electronic hardware and software for automatically identifying patterns of group activity among crew members working together in an office, cockpit, workshop, laboratory, or other enclosed space. The CAA synchronously records multiple streams of data from digital video...