INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

Researchers have developed a new way to build power efficient and programmable integrated switching units on a silicon photonics chip. The new technology is...

Briefs: Materials
A “butter-like” interlayer material boosts current density and increases safety.
Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Using ceramic material and graphene, the toughness of solid-state lithium-ion batteries can be doubled.
Briefs: Medical
Tiny, metal-rich particles can be excited with a low-power laser for deep-tissue imaging.
Briefs: Materials
The technique could easily be translated into existing medical device manufacturing processes for use in orthopedic implants.
Briefs: Green Design & Manufacturing
This highly porous sponge absorbs more than 30 times its weight in oil and can be reused up to several dozen times.
Briefs: Materials
A new roll-to-roll production method could enable lightweight, flexible solar devices and a new generation of display screens.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
This approach allows scientists to study the communication within plants, providing valuable insights to improve crop yields.
NASA Spinoff: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The NASA-funded nanoparticle lubricant also works in satellites and space vehicles.
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
A neural stimulator, a battery testing device, and a strain sensor.
Briefs: Automotive
These are important traits in electronics and electrical systems including electric cars, industrial drills, and electric grids.
Technology Leaders: Materials
Highly technical glass-ceramic delivers optical precision at nanometer scale.
Briefs: Materials
This method creates a thin-film electrode for a bio-nanobattery.
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
This work potentially opens the door to advances like more energy-efficient electronic devices.
Articles: Wearables
Nature-Inspired Energy Tech, Superelastic Tires, Wearable Supercapacitors, and more...
Briefs: Nanotechnology
A novel plate-cell architecture reaches the theoretical limit of performance.
Briefs: Nanotechnology
The material consists solely of components that have already been shown to work well in the body.
Briefs: Materials
A ceramic sensor could be embedded into structures such as bridges and aircraft to monitor their health.
Briefs: Medical
Mobile, Wearable EEG Device with Nanowire Sensors
This low-cost electroencephalogram (EEG) device provides research-grade signal quality.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Applications include imaging, sensing, wireless communications, and medical treatments.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
This diagnostic device allows doctors to detect cancer quickly from a droplet of blood or plasma.
INSIDER: Wearables

A new manufacturing process could produce flexible electronics for things like virtual reality-enabled contact lenses, solar-powered skins that mold to the contours of your car, and...

INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

Wearable tech and electronic cloth may be the way of the future, but to get there the wiring needs to be strong, flexible, and efficient.

INSIDER: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Microelectronics like semiconductor devices are at the heart of the technologies we use each day. As we move into an era where we are stretching the limits of Moore’s Law, it is...

Facility Focus: Wearables
See some of the world-changing tools and technologies launched by Caltech scientists, from earthquake monitoring to helping the blind see.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Additive Manufacturing Method for Sub-Microscale Three-Dimensional Structures
Applications include MEMS, microlattice fabrication, and other sub-microscale 3D structures with a broad range of materials.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
These materials can be used in soft robotics, self-healing electronics, and medical devices.
Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The electrospun nanofibers are used for wound healing and 3D matrices for biological tissues.
Briefs: Nanotechnology
These carbon-based fillers can be used in thermally conductive clothing such as liquid-cooled garments.