Products: Motion Control
Level Indicator

The Model BM-T tilt Switch from BinMaster (Lincoln, NE) is a level indicator used for point level detection of heavy materials in bins, tanks, or silos, or over a conveyor belt or open pile. It is suspended vertically over a...

Products: Motion Control
Machine Controller

Mitsubishi Electric Automation (Vernon Hills, IL) introduced the iQ-R Series machine control system that incorporates sequence, motion, safety, process, and C language control into one platform. The control platform is...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Door Protection System

An electromechanical function from Kiekert AG (Heiligenhaus, Germany/Wixom, MI) prevents car doors from unintentionally striking nearby obstacles. The “i-protect” technology features a door-brake and sensor system...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping

Toshiba America Electronic Components (San Jose, CA) has released a group of 30 microcontrollers (MCUs) based on the ARM® Cortex®-M3 core. The M3H MCUs are fabricated with an embedded flash memory process. Target...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition

Fluke (Everett, WA) has announced the 279 FC TRMS Thermal Multimeter. The test tool integrates a digital multimeter (DMM) with a thermal camera. Using the 279 FC imager, technicians can check for hot spots in fuses, wires,...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition

The IGA 140/23 pyrometer from LumaSense Technologies (Santa Clara, CA) offers non-contact temperature measurement on metals, ceramics, and graphite. The device, equipped with RS232 and RS485 serial interfaces, reads parameters via...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Sensor ICs

Allegro MicroSystems (Worcester, MA) offers two new current sensor ICs for AC or DC current sensing. Both the ACS724KMA (5 V) and the ACS725KMA (3.3 V) are set in a high-isolation SOIC16 wide-body surface mount package that...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
IC and Module

An IC and module from Sendyne (New York, NY) performs ground fault detection and isolation monitoring while simultaneously measuring current, voltage, and temperature. The AEC-Q100-qualified SFPGFD adheres to international...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Touchless Variable Gap Sensor

PIHER Sensors and Controls S.A. (Brighton MI), a Meggitt company, has introduced a two-piece magnetic Hall effect variable gap sensor that maintains stable electrical output and specified linearity on mobile...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Sensor Kits

The UFS (Universal Fluid Sensor) line of sensor kits from Pillar Point Electronics (Sarasota, FL) uses an infrared (IR) emitter and microprocessor to detect the presence of air in tanks or lines containing non-particulate...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition

The RS-3500 field portable spectro-radiometer from Spectral Evolution (Lawrence, MA) supports fast, non-destructive remote sensing applications, such as chlorophyll/moisture analysis, plant species identification, and...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Proximity Sensor

Littelfuse (Chicago, IL) has released the 59040 Series press-fit reed sensor. No screws, brackets, or attachment accessories are needed for installation. The magnetically operated Firecracker sensor press-fits securely into...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Current Sensors

TDK Corporation (Tokyo, Japan/Irving, TX) has added the new 600-A CCT series to its clamp AC current sensors. The CCT406393-600-36 sensor has a clamp inner diameter of 36 mm and external dimensions of 56 × 67× 96 mm....

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Three-Axis Magnetic Sensor

MEMSIC (Andover, MA) offers the MMC3630KJ magnetometer for portable devices. The magnetometer includes an integrated monolithic 3-axis AMR sensor and a signal conditioning ASIC. The BGA package measures 1.2 × 1.2...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Pressure Sensors

All Sensors Corp. (Morgan Hill, CA) has announced the SPM 401 Series of stainless-steel, media-isolated pressure sensors. The pressure sensor is compatible with 316L stainless steel, a type of steel that increases corrosion...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Night-Vision Imaging

OleaVision™ See-Through Wall Technology from Olea Sensor Networks (Reno, NV) functions optimally at a distance of 3 to 4 meters from the target surface, requiring no contact with the wall. The lightweight device,...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Vision Sensors

The SBSI series of vision sensors from Festo (Hauppauge, NY) feature rugged IP67 housing, built-in lighting, and EtherNet/IP capability. SBSI sensors, which read 1D and 2D bar codes, can be ordered as components, portions of...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Surface Profiling Sensors

OGP® (Rochester NY), a division of Quality Vision International (QVI®), has introduced its TeleStar® Probe sensor. TeleStar Probe, a self-contained off-axis partial coherence interferometric range sensor for...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Magnetic Position Sensors

The new AS5170 and AS5171 automotive sensors from ams AG (Premstaetten, Austria) were developed as SEooC (Safety Element out of Context) devices, as defined in the ISO26262 functional safety standard. The magnetic...

Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Surface Sensors

Sensofar Metrology (Terrassa, Spain/Scottsdale, AZ) has released two new surface metrology systems. The S lynx, a non-contact 3D surface profiler, integrates confocal, interferometry, and focus variation techniques into the...

Products: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Wireless Switches

New wireless, batteryless limit switches from Steute Industrial Controls (Ridgefield, CT) include an internal electrodynamic energy generator. Displacement of the actuator generates power to send a uniquely coded signal to...

Articles: Aerospace
Products of Tomorrow: June 2016

The technologies NASA develops don’t just blast off into space. They also improve our lives here on Earth. Life-saving search-and-rescue tools, implantable medical devices, advances in commercial aircraft...

The Contamination and Coatings Engineering Branch at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD, provides system-level support in contamination engineering and thermal...

NASA Technology

Glenn Research Center has always been in the business of perfecting engines. During World War II, the center, then called the Aircraft Engine Research Laboratory,...

An often asked question from industrial machine builders or integrators is how they can effectively design or implement the conversion of a machine with servo technology to...

Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
NASA Proxy Maps Reveal Earthquake Damage

On April 25, 2015, a magnitude - 7.8 earthquake caused widespread building damage in central Nepal. The Italian Space Agency’s COSMO-SkyMed Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) satellite acquired data...

Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Inertial Sensors Get in the Driver’s Seat

Two decades have passed since automotive manufacturers began using the first microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) accelerometer to measure strong acceleration and trigger the deployment of airbags...

Beckhoff Automation
Savage, MN

Large NASA production facilities, such as the Michoud Assembly...

Application Briefs: Robotics, Automation & Control
Anti-Creep Mechanism Enables Ultra-Precise Motor Table Positioning

Motion control is essential for the digitization and automation of high-tech equipment, but bearings remain basic to frictionless movement. Bearing Engineers, a bearing...


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