INSIDER: Motion Control

Early in the pandemic, Víctor Ortega-Jiménez was exploring creeks near his home and observing springtails. The organisms are the most abundant non-insect hexapods on earth, and...

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The sustainability crisis extends to low-Earth Orbit (LEO), where human-made debris poses a ubiquitous threat.
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NASA Spinoff: Aerospace
NASA technology is enabling airline flight managers to improve managing traffic on the ground and scheduling departures.
Quiz: Aerospace
Many countries are aiming to reach the Moon in 2024 and 2025. How much do you know about these upcoming Moon missions? Take this quiz to find out.
Quiz: Design
Before it goes — after more than 20 years on the job — take this quiz to test your knowledge about the ISS' earthbound benefits.
Application Briefs: Manned Systems
How Ada enables LASP to constantly modify OASIS-CC to control new instruments and ensure mission-critical systems remain reliable.
Quiz: Design
There are many NASA technologies that have become commercial products and services on Earth. Take this quiz to test your knowledge about NASA “Spin-Offs.”
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“ G odspeed, fellas. Let’s go have some fun.” These were the words of encouragement from mission control at the Kennedy Space Center — only this time for the first private astronaut...

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New design removes the need for mechanisms to perform active tilting of the wings or rotors, reducing system mass.
Briefs: Unmanned Systems
Acoustic optimization for anti-phase asymmetric rotor.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Advanced analyses shed light on the mechanism of a deadly problem plaguing combustion chambers in rocket engines.
Briefs: Design
Testing has shown that NASA's poppet reduces leakage rates of traditional aerospace cryogenic valves by three orders of magnitude.
Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
A self-aligning, self-healing system for pneumatics and cryogenics with applications in aerospace.
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Supersonic flight over land could soon be reality. Take this quiz to prep and test your knowledge about supersonic travel.
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Aviation is emerging aggressively from the pandemic to turn setbacks into comebacks.
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Rethink Next-Generation Aircraft Engineering

Driven by the need for CO2 emission reduction, electrification is a major trend in the aviation industry. However, the power density this requires will generate thermal concerns, electrical system...

White Papers: Aerospace
The Future-Proof Factory: Weaving the Digital Thread to Disrupt Aerospace Manufacturing

A digital transformation is underway. Emerging digital technologies promise to bolster aerospace and defense design and manufacturing systems to enable...

Special Reports: Robotics, Automation & Control
Aerospace Manufacturing - May 2022

Demanding applications in the aerospace industry require products and systems that are manufactured using advanced technologies – in additive manufacturing, machining, metrology, and more. To help you...

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Thanos Yiagopoulos, Chief Technology Officer of Momentive Performance Materials, discusses how engineers can determine the best product for their application.
Special Reports: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Advanced Materials & Coatings - May 2022

Breakthroughs in plastics, composites, metals, and other materials technologies are enabling exciting new applications in industries ranging from aerospace to automotive to medical. Read more in this...

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Antireflection Coatings for Space Applications

In space applications, optical coatings can be exposed to vacuum, extreme temperatures, high intensity radiation and ionized gas. In the course of providing optics and coatings for space...

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Unmanned Systems - March 2022

Powering better battlefield drones...autonomous quadcopters that fly aerobatic maneuvers...a breakthrough in compact UAV satellite communications technology. Read about these and other advances in air, ground,...

Application Briefs: Aerospace
What began as a research tool to collect aerodynamic data from research aircraft is now solving technical challenges for NASA.

This new advance could pave the way for smaller, lighter, and more effective micro flying robots for environmental monitoring, search and rescue, and deployment in hazardous...

INSIDER: Unmanned Systems

In the fifteenth century, artist and engineer Leonardo da Vinci envisioned a craft that flew using a single helix-shaped propeller — the aerial screw — viewed by many...

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Low Outgassing Accelerometers and Cables for Thermal Vacuum and Vibration Test Environments

Exposure to the high vacuum level of a space environment induces material outgassing in ordinary accelerometers and cables. Any substance subjected...

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There are some things you just can't do at a virtual trade show. Editor Bruce A. Bennett walks the floor at SPIE Photonics West.
NASA Spinoff: Propulsion
Satellite scheduling software helps consolidate data acquisition and improve weather forecasting.