Briefs : Communications
Technique Locates Robots and Humans in GPS-Challenged Environments

An algorithm enables localization of humans and robots in areas where GPS is unavailable. The Army needs to be able to localize agents operating in physically complex, unknown, and infrastructure-poor environments. This capability is critical to help find dismounted soldiers and...

Program managers and engineers in the military markets need to know about the emergence of new display technologies in the consumer sector.
NASA Armstrong flight-tests some of the nation’s most unique aircraft and aeronautical systems.
Developing meals for long-duration missions is leading to personalized 3D-printed food.
Briefs : Sensors/Data Acquisition
Neural Lander Uses AI to Land Drones Smoothly

Landing multi-rotor drones smoothly is difficult. Complex turbulence is created by the airflow from each rotor bouncing off the ground during a descent. This turbulence is not well understood nor is it easy to compensate for, particularly for autonomous drones. That is why takeoff and landing are...

Products : Electronics & Computers
New Products: October 2019 Motion Design

Brushless Servo Motor

maxon precision motors (Taunton, MA) released the EC-i30 20W brushless servomotor with integrated electronics. With an integrated 4-quadrant speed controller, the motor...

INSIDER : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Undergrad Engineers Advance Shock Wave Mitigation Research

A team of undergrad engineers discovered a method that could make materials more resilient against massive shocks such as earthquakes or explosions. The students tested whether...

White Papers : Test & Measurement
The 3 Errors in Signal Conditioning

In this white paper, you will learn to identify and avoid three accuracy errors in signal conditioning. High precision sensors and amplifiers are important because of this, especially in industrial production and test benches, where they represent an opportunity to achieve significant gains in productivity...

Along with flying and invisibility, high on the list of every child’s aspirational superpowers is the ability to see through or around walls or other visual obstacles. That...

How do thermoplastic composites compare to the thermoset composites already in use for several decades? A Tech Briefs reader asks.
On-Demand Webinars : Defense
Strategies to Manage Obsolescence in Aerospace and Defense

Test engineers spend as much as 50 percent of their time (or even more in some cases) actively dealing with obsolescence in their test program sets (TPSs). Learn about different solutions in the marketplace to help you overcome the obsolescence challenges you face today. Also explore...

The Advanced Explosive Ordnance Disposal Robotic System (AEODRS) features a modular open systems architecture that enables the robot to be self-righting after a fall. The self-righting...

Facility Focus : Manufacturing & Prototyping
Facility Focus: Georgia Tech Research Institute

The Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI) is the nonprofit applied research division of the Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) in Atlanta, GA. Founded in 1934 as the Engineering...

A pocket-sized antenna was developed that could enable mobile communication in situations where conventional radios don’t work such as underwater, through the ground, and over very...

The AIRGARD® air analyzer has been deployed to protect multiple critical infrastructure locations.
Berkeley Lab technology could reduce time needed to declare buildings affected by earthquakes safe and sound.
There is increasing demand in many high-end commercial and industrial markets for precision motion sensing for a diversity of applications.
White Papers : Energy
Introduction to Electromagnetic Compatibility

Electromagnetic Compatibility is becoming more and more significant, especially in light of continually evolving EMC legislation and as such has become an important aspect in the design of electronic equipment and systems.

White Papers : Aerospace
Bundled White Papers: Strategies to Manage Obsolescence in Aerospace and Defense Test

Test engineers spend as much as 50 percent of their time (or even more in some cases) actively dealing with obsolescence in their test program sets. Read about different solutions in the marketplace to help you overcome the challenges you face today. Also...

INSIDER : Imaging
Beyond Camouflage, Do You See Other Applications for Artificial ‘Chameleon Skin?’

A Cambridge University team developed an artificial "chameleon skin" that changes color when exposed to light. The material supports a range of applications, including active camouflage, large-scale dynamic displays, and maybe even medical diagnostics.

"Actually it was not something we really planned!" Dr. Andrew Salmon told Tech Briefs.
White Papers : Defense
HydraLok™ Advanced Desiccant: A New Tool in the War on Moisture and Humidity

Moisture is the silent killer of munitions and sensitive electronics. AGM’s HydraLok™ Advanced Desiccant is a dense, shapeable, desiccant that provides superior moisture adsorption throughout a wide range of temperatures. It’s strong enough to be used as a...

The Air Force has developed improved devices for hemostatic management of patients with life-threatening blood loss from an arterial wound or surgery. Current aortic occlusion devices...

Briefs : Robotics, Automation & Control
Wearable Liquid Unit Harvests Energy

Researchers have created wearable technology to convert mechanical energy into electrical energy. It presents a step toward the practical realization of self-powered, human-integrated technologies.

White Papers : Electronics & Computers
Cybersecurity for Intel Processor-Based Embedded Systems

The need for reliable, secure, protected data is top of mind in any mission-critical application, from safeguarding assets to ensuring proper system operation. What does it mean to have cybersecurity in an embedded system at the hardware and firmware level?

A reader asks our industry expert: Will air taxis be influenced by military UAV standards?
White Papers : Defense
EMP/HEMP Filters: New Electronics Assembly-Level Solution in the Battle Against Intentional EMI and Electronic Warfare

The world’s most critical systems, including banking, transportation, energy, and government, now run on sophisticated digital systems and data centers, that leverage the vast networking infrastructure available in most modern...

An industry expert tells a Tech Briefs reader what's over the next hill regarding military UAVs.
White Papers : Aerospace
When to Choose HOT MWIR Over Uncooled LWIR

Cooled midwave infrared (MWIR) cameras have long held a tactical advantage over uncooled longwave infrared (LWIR) cameras in many airborne and ground-based missions. But while cooled MWIR cameras are highly sensitive, they are also larger, heavier, require more power, and cost more than uncooled LWIR...

Special Reports : Defense
Unmanned Systems

The latest advances in aerial, ground, and underwater unmanned systems are covered in this special report, a compendium of recent articles from the editors of Tech Briefs and Aerospace & Defense Technology.

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