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Mechatronic System Integration and Design
Treating Retinal Disease with FPGA Controlled Lasers

Who's Who

Nicholas Johnson, Chief Scientist and Program Manager for NASA’s Orbital Debris Program Office, Johnson Space Flight Center

Products of the Month

2D and 3D Design and Engineering Software
Product of the Month: Soft X-Ray EUV Spectrometer
Benchtop Optical Meter
Near-Infrared Photodetectors
Eye-Safe Laser Illuminator
Supercontinuum Fiber Laser
Imaging Spectrometer
Variable Angle Tilt Stage
Clear Aperture Beam Collimator
X-Ray Photodiode
Pavement Profiling Sensor
UV Curable Adhesive
Optomechanical Design Software
Digital X-Ray Detectors
4-inch Fizeau Interferometer
Laser Diode Mounting Fixtures

Application Briefs

Alumina Ceramic “Dog Bone” Helps Chandra Detect High-Energy Events
Communications System Supports the Ames Airspace Operations Lab
Using Hollow Core Plastic Bragg Fiber to Deliver Ultrashort Pulse Laser Beams

Eye on Innovation

Bringing Open Source Advantages to Engineering
Tech Briefs

Mechanics & Machinery

Radial-Electric-Field Piezoelectric Diaphragm Pumps
Ejector-Enhanced, Pulsed, Pressure-Gain Combustor
“Zero-Mass” Noninvasive Pressure Transducers
Computerized Machine for Cutting Space Shuttle Thermal Tiles
Orbiting Depot and Reusable Lander for Lunar Transportation

Information Sciences

Wireless Avionics Packet To Support Fault Tolerance for Flight Applications
EOS MLS Level 1B Data Processing, Version 2.2
Physical Principle for Generation of Randomness
Hybrid NN/SVM Computational System for Optimizing Designs
DSN Beowulf Cluster-Based VLBI Correlator
Processing Electromyographic Signals To Recognize Words
Associative Memory Using Quantum-Inspired Resonance


Room-Temperature-Cured Copolymers for Lithium Battery Gel Electrolytes
Catalysts for Efficient Production of Carbon Nanotubes
Amorphous Silk Fibroin Membranes for Separation of CO₂


Submillimeter Confocal Imaging Active Module
Auto-Generated Semantic Processing Services
Geospatial Authentication
Maneuver Automation Software
Event Driven Messaging With Role-Based Subscriptions
Estimating Relative Positions of Outer-Space Structures

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Fabricating PFPE Membranes for Microfluidic Valves and Pumps
Fabricating PFPE Membranes for Capillary Electrophoresis
Linear Actuator Has Long Stroke and High Resolution
Installing a Test Tap on a Metal Battery Case

Physical Sciences

Microstrip Antenna for Remote Sensing of Soil Moisture and Sea Surface Salinity
Suppressing Ghost Diffraction in E-Beam-Written Gratings
Two-Dimensional Quantum Model of a Nanotransistor
Mo₃Sb₇₋ₓTeₓ for Thermoelectric Power Generation
Expansion Compression Contacts for Thermoelectric Legs
Manipulating Neutral Atoms in Chip-Based Magnetic Traps
Criteria for Modeling in LES of Multicomponent Fuel Flow
Scanning Miniature Microscopes Without Lenses
Target-Tracking Camera for a Metrology System
Polarimetric Imaging Using Two Photoelastic Modulators
Miniature Wide-Angle Lens for Small-Pixel Electronic Camera
Modal Filters for Infrared Interferometry


Biomedical Wireless Ambulatory Crew Monitor
Three-Dimensional Optical Coherence Tomography
Isolation of Precursor Cells From Waste Solid Fat Tissue
Benchtop Antigen Detection Technique Using Nanofiltration and Fluorescent Dyes
Wireless, Handheld Electronic Medical Record Application
Identification of Bacteria and Determination of Biological Indicators
Further Development of Scaffolds for Regeneration of Nerves
Chemically Assisted Photocatalytic Oxidation System
Use of Atomic Oxygen for Increased Water Contact Angles of Various Polymers for Biomedical Applications
Open-Access, Low-Magnetic-Field MRI System for Lung Research
Microfluidic Mixing Technology for a Universal Health Sensor
Microwell Arrays for Studying Many Individual Cells
Convergence Nanoparticles for Multi-Modal Biomedical Imaging
Trans-Skull Ultrasound Scanner for Diagnosis of Rhino-Sinusitis
Microfluidic Extraction of Biomarkers Using Water as Solvent
Identifying and Inactivating Bacterial Spores
Crashworthy Seats Would Afford Superior Protection
Droplet-Based Production of Liposomes


Scanning Miniature Microscopes Without Lenses
Target-Tracking Camera for a Metrology System
Polarimetric Imaging Using Two Photoelastic Modulators
Miniature Wide-Angle Lens for Small-Pixel Electronic Camera
Modal Filters for Infrared Interferometry

Electronics & Computers

Valve-“Health”-Monitoring System
Aerobot Autonomy Architecture
Traveling-Wave Maser for 32 GHz
System Synchronizes Recordings From Separated Video Cameras
Piecewise-Planar Parabolic Reflectarray Antenna
Reducing Interference in ATC Voice Communication
FPGA-Based Networked Phasemeter for a Heterodyne Interferometer
Aquarius Digital Processing Unit
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

3D and/or Flock Printing Technology
High-Temperature Brine Viscosifier

NASA Tech Needs

Gaseous Helium (GHe) Conservation and Recovery

Tech for License

Single-Motion Extension Mechanism for Poles
Modular Electronic Air Sterilization Technology for Airborne Bacteria, Molds, and Viruses