Facility Focus: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Notable graduates of the school include Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos, Google executive Eric Schmidt, Internet pioneer Bob Kahn, former Chrysler head Lee Iacocca, and six NASA astronauts.
Products: Electronics & Computers
Servo drives, magnetic angle sensors, draw wires, and more.
Products: Materials
Displacement sensors, metal 3D printers, shielding materials, and more.
Products: Imaging
The GVC1001 computer features dual 10-GigE ports for gigabit Ethernet camera or other sensor inputs.
Articles: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
In North America alone, the gripper market is worth roughly $100 million — and that number is expected to climb up to 5 percent each year.
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Pneumatic technologies such as control valves continue to evolve, incorporating sensors, industrial network interfaces, wireless technology, and more.
Articles: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Specially designed brake controls are a critical factor of brake performance in any application.
Articles: Materials
Highly purified, low-outgassing silicones prevent material degradation in satellites and space vehicles.
Articles: Transportation
NASA's graphene composites, textile pressure sensors, and a better kind of glass.
Articles: Transportation
The more complex the vehicle, the greater the need for comprehensive design solutions.
Application Briefs: Motion Control
There is a growing demand for direct-drive motors.
NASA Spinoff: Aerospace
The inserts use a material that NASA has considered for spacecraft filters.
5 Ws: Materials
A medical patch can be folded around minimally invasive surgical tools and delivered through airways, intestines, and other narrow spaces.
Q&A: Electronics & Computers
Professor Qiaoqiang Gan of the University at Buffalo (NY) and his team developed a unique two-in-one system that uses solar energy for simultaneously cooling and heating — without electricity.
Facility Focus: Manufacturing & Prototyping
See the advanced materials, complex systems, and bioengineering technologies being created at Cornell.
Technology Leaders: Imaging
Learn about a variety of holographic 3D immersive displays.
Products: Imaging
Near-eye displays, optical inspection systems, UV glass, and more.
Products: Test & Measurement
Rain detectors, beacons, flow meters, and more.
Products: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Vision software, thermal sensors, ceramic pastes, and more.
Products: Imaging
By design, new 3D scanners are motionless during inspection.
Articles: Manufacturing & Prototyping
The marking provides easy-to-see legends on plastic buttons under widely varying illumination conditions.
Articles: Photonics/Optics
The virtual event offers a mix of live plenary talks, on-demand technical presentations and discussions, online networking and special events.
Articles: Materials
See what kinds of applications require high-precision laser glass with demanding dimensional tolerances and high-power laser coatings.
Articles: Internet of Things
The ability to identify hidden patterns, predict future issues, forecast usage and costs, and derive insights from IoT sensor data will reshape the industrial process forever.
Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
Is "SPE" the future of industrial automation and automotive? It certainly has the potential, says Mike Anderson.
Articles: Wearables
In-air UAV docking, digital communication via touch, and a computer-vision monitor for diabetes.
Articles: Electronics & Computers
Live discussions will explore electric vehicles, propulsion, advanced electronics, and more.
Articles: Photonics/Optics
Perseverance is the first leg of a round trip to Mars.
Application Briefs: Imaging
Any hyperspectral system needs to maintain a stable and accurate radiometric and spectral calibration.

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