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LED Inspection Lamp

Spectronics Corporation (Westbury, NY) has introduced the powerful Spectroline® TRITAN ™ 365, an ultra-high-intensity, multi-LED, broad-beam UV-A inspection lamp perfect for NDT applications. The TRITAN 365 features...

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The Future Looks Dimmer

Originally fueled by environmental concerns and the steadily rising cost of electricity, the market for energy- efficient lighting has been dramatically accelerated by regulations that will restrict the sale of most...

Articles : Lighting
Specifying Gaskets for Outdoor LED Lighting Fixtures

LED lighting technology has the potential to lower energy consumption and reduce maintenance costs on outdoor installations such as area lighting and parking lights, street lights and other “difficult to reach” outdoor locations. When operating in controlled temperatures and weatherproof...

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Efficient Optical Spectroscopy of Single Solid-State Quantum Emitters

Devices such as light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and lasers are typically based upon the accumulated emission from a large number of gas phase atoms, ions in solids, electron-hole pairs in semiconductors, or other fluorescence centers. In such macroscopic devices, the behavior of...

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'Metamaterials,' Quantum Dots Show Promise for New Technologies

Researchers are edging toward the creation of new optical technologies using "nanostructured metamaterials" capable of ultra-efficient transmission of light, with potential applications including advanced solar cells and quantum computing.

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Researchers Study How to Avoid Charge Traps in Plastic Electronics

Plastic electronics hold the promise of cheap, mass-produced devices. But plastic semiconductors have an important flaw – the electronic current is influenced by “charge traps” in the material. These traps, which have a negative impact on plastic light-emitting diodes and...

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New ‘Spintronic’ LED Technology Promises Brighter TV and Computer Displays

Physicists at the University of Utah have invented a new “spintronic” organic light-emitting diode (OLED) that promises to be brighter, cheaper and more environmentally friendly than the kinds of LEDs now used in television and computer displays, lighting, traffic...

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Organometallic Materials with Unique Optical Properties

Scientists at North Dakota State University have recently developed a family of novel organometallic materials that have unique optical properties that make it ideal for use in optical switches, organic light emitting devices (OLED), and optical sensors.

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Device Structure for High Efficiency LED

Researchers at the University of California, Santa Barbara, have developed a novel device structure that reduces light absorption inside an LED, enables uniform light emission from the active layer, and reduces light reflections occurring repeatedly inside the LED, thus increasing the overall...

Branded Cities Network (“BCN”), a division of Phoenix, AZbased EL Media Holdings USA, LLC, announced an exclusive representation agreement to sell digital advertising and integrated...

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LED Lamp

LEDnovation (Tampa, FL) has expanded its EnhanceLite® MR16-35L Landscape line to include a 24° narrow-flood beam angle. The MR16-35Ls are comparable replacements for 35-watt halogen lamps. Designed for use in IP66 rated outdoor fixtures, the EnhanceLite® MR16-35L lamp produces light at a color temperature of 3000K. Other features...

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LED Drivers

Power Integrations (San Jose, CA) has announced an LED-driver reference design for high-power LED bulb replacement. The driver delivers the power required for a 100W incandescent bulb replacement in an A19 form factor. The...

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Thermal Protection Devices

TE Circuit Protection (Menlo Park, CA), a business unit of TE Connectivity, has announced AC-rated and DC-rated Reflowable Thermal Protection (RTP) devices, which feature a temperature open (Topen) value of 140°C....

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Phase-Dimmable LED Driver

Texas Instruments (Dallas, TX) has introduced a new LED controller with constant power regulation. The LM3447 AC/DC LED driver includes a dimmer detect, phase decoder and adjustable hold current circuits to provide smooth and flicker-free dimming operation in off-line, isolated LED lighting applications.

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LED Luminaires

MaxLite® (West Caldwell, NJ) has introduced a number of new outdoor LED fixtures. New additions to the company’s exterior lighting line will include: induction lighting; small LED floods; LED parking area lights and large...

Evonik Cyro LLC (Parsippany, NJ) recently announced the launch of ACRYLITE® LED, molding and extrusion compounds designed specifically for LED lighting applications. By offering ACRYLITE® LED in both...

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Floodlight Wash Fixture

The EcoSpec Floodlight Wash from EcoSense (New York, NY) is an ultra-bright white light fixture designed for indoor and outdoor architectural use. Like all EcoSense fixtures, the EcoSpec Floodlight Wash is RoHS compliant and lead- and mercury-free. It features powerful, energy-efficient LEDs along with precision constant...

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High Bay LED Fixtures

Albeo Technologies (Boulder, CO) recently announced that its H-Series LED high bay is now fully listed on the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List (QPL). The consortium is the premier agency for...

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LED Driver Catalog

Thomas Research Products (Huntley, IL) has released a revised and expanded version of its LED driver catalog. The extensive line of LED drivers listed in the catalog range from 12 through 300 watts. Constant-current, fixed-output and dimming, as well as constant-voltage versions are included. All are UL 1310 or 8750 compliant,...

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Discovery Could Lead to More Efficient Solar Cells and Super Bright LEDs

Ateam of physicists headed by Dr. Vinod M. Menon, who is a member of The City University of New York Photonics Initiative and teaches at Queens College, has discovered a new method to manipulate light that could eventually result in more efficient solar cells, super bright...

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Research Opens Doors To UV Disinfection Using LED Technology

Research being done at North Carolina State University will allow the development of energy-efficient LED devices that use ultraviolet (UV) light to kill pathogens such as bacteria and viruses. The technology has a wide array of applications ranging from drinking-water treatment to...

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LED Binning Using a Single Pulse Tester

LEDs are considered to be the light technology of the future due to their low energy consumption and long lifetime compared to traditional light sources. As LED luminous intensity levels increase, the range of applications for LEDs expands as well.

Articles : Lighting Technology
How Substrate Materials Affect LED Reliability

The solid-state lighting industry continues to develop LEDs with higher lumens per watt, in alignment with Haitz Law, which states that the cost per lumen falls by a factor of 10 every decade and the amount of light generated per LED increases by a factor of 20. These advancements are driving the...

Articles : Lighting
Brighter, More Efficient LED-Based Lighting

Code 3’s TriCore is an LED-based optical lighting technology that is 2X brighter than other technology currently on the market using only 1/3 the power of conventional lighting systems, yielding higher watt-for-watt efficiency. The brightness and efficiency are achieved through a unique design that...

Articles : Lighting
Method of Simultaneously Refreshing all Pixels In a Display

Matrix-addressed displays, which include LCDs, LEDs, and almost every kind of display except the CRT, are currently refreshed one row or one column at a time. This is required for all digitally controlled displays and causes bandwidth limitations due to the high resolutions present in...

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New Technique Allows Simulation of Noncrystalline Materials

A multidisciplinary team of researchers at MIT and in Spain has found a new mathematical approach to simulating the electronic behavior of noncrystalline materials, which may eventually play an important part in new devices including solar cells, organic LED lights, and printable,...

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Colorful Light Could Be Used For Radiation Detection

A team of nanomaterials researchers at Sandia National Laboratories has developed a new technique that could make radiation detection in cargo and baggage more effective and less costly for homeland security inspectors. Known as spectral shape discrimination (SSD), the method takes advantage...

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Bright Future for GaN Nanowires

The gallium nitride nanowires grown by PML scientists may only be a few tenths of a micrometer in diameter, but they promise a very wide range of applications, from new light-emitting diodes and diode lasers to ultra-small resonators, chemical sensors, and highly sensitive atomic probe tips.

Las Vegas is best known for the bright lights of ‘The Strip’ but thanks to new LED fixtures from GE Lighting, the city’s surrounding streets are starting to take on a...

As part of its preparations to host the London 2012 Olympic Games, the ExCeL London International Exhibition & Convention Centre expanded its efforts to convert the facility to greener,...


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