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Access the technical resources for a range of materials and coatings. Design engineers can browse news, technical briefs, and applications for plastics, composites, rubbers, elastomers, and metals.

Blog: Electronics & Computers
We can learn a lot about innovation in technology by looking to the past.
White Papers: Materials
PVC vs. Polyurethane Tubing

Polyurethane and PVC tubing is used in applications involving beverage and dairy transfer, food processing, medical devices, chemicals, fuel and oil transfer, protective jacketing, instrumentation and pneumatics,...

5 Ws: Materials
Researchers at The University of Texas, Austin, developed a low-cost gel film made of abundant materials that can pull drinkable water from the air in even the driest climates.
White Papers: Medical
Rapid Transitions of Thermo-Responsive Polymer Networks

Responsive polymers have many key uses including drug delivery, switchable biocompatible coatings, and advanced biointerfaces in bioanalytical devices. Thermo-responsive polymers, where...

Special Reports: Wearables
Medical Manufacturing & Outsourcing - August 2022

A novel ink that enables 3D printing of bone with living cells...advances in ultrasonic welding of plastics...additive manufacturing of self-powered wearable devices. Read these stories and...

Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Applications include a smart fabric for exoskeletons, an adaptive cast that adjusts its stiffness as an injury heals, or a deployable bridge that could be unrolled and stiffened.
Application Briefs: Manufacturing & Prototyping
Keeping oil and gas production facilities running smoothly is among the toughest challenges in any industry.
Briefs: Materials
A simple change to the surface of perovskite removes a barrier to its functionality.
Briefs: Medical
Additional applications include defogging/defrosting, wearable devices, industrial heat systems, sensors, thermochromic displays, and microfluidic chips.
Briefs: Energy
The material remains effective as an energy harvester or sensor at temperatures to well above 572°F.
Briefs: Design
The process predicts when and where microscopic cracks will occur before they become catastrophic.
Briefs: Materials
Hydrogen has emerged as an important carrier to store energy generated by renewable resources, as a substitute for fossil fuels used for transportation, in the production of ammonia, and for other industrial applications.

Mimicking the human body, specifically the actuators that control muscle movement, is of immense interest around the globe. In recent years, it has led to many innovations to improve...

Tech Talks: Materials

Various design trends and engineering challenges are driving interest in new and effective bonding solutions for EV battery pack materials. These solutions...

White Papers: Transportation
Download Boyd’s Solution Guide for Electric Vehicle Displays and HMI

As a leading innovator in Electric, Hybrid, and Autonomous Vehicle Solutions, Boyd’s guide covers the wide range of advanced materials and components that go into an EV...

White Papers: Materials
Engineering in Zinc, Today’s Answer

Zinc die-casting alloys have a unique blend of Precision, Performance and Price characteristics. These components can be cast stronger, with higher tolerances with net-shape casting capability, at lower...

On-Demand Webinars: Manufacturing & Prototyping

The range of properties available across the family of Zinc Die Casting Alloys, combined with the multiple options for...

White Papers: Materials
Viton™ Fluoroelastomers: A Material That Will Go the Distance

Growing demands for durability in electric vehicle (EV) engineering has made material selection for high-voltage power cables more critical than ever. We’ve done the research...

Special Reports: RF & Microwave Electronics
Special Report: Optics & Photonics Innovations - July 2022

The most powerful telescope ever launched, NASA's James Webb Space Telescope will peer back in time to the birth of the universe's first stars. Learn about its highly advanced optics...

White Papers: Materials
Culturally Shifting to Smart Medical Device Manufacturing

With current world conditions adversely impacting markets and exerting unprecedented pressures on medical device manufacturers, the journey towards smart manufacturing is essential to...

Question of the Week: Electronics & Computers
Smart Molecules Act as Computer Transistors

Researchers have discovered a single-molecule switch that can act like a transistor and store binary information. The molecule is around five square nanometers in size — more than one billion of them would fit onto the cross-section of a human hair.

INSIDER: Research Lab

Scientists at Berkeley Lab have discovered a physical phenomenon that is the basis for a new material that has 150% better thermal conductivity than conventional materials used in...

INSIDER: Electronics & Computers

A team from the Tulane University School of Science and Engineering has developed a new family of two-dimensional materials that researchers say has promising applications, including in...

Articles: Sensors/Data Acquisition
With its instant repellency and its ability to repel rather than kill or deactivate pathogens, RepelWrap presents an effective alternative to current technologies.
Webinars: Materials

Today’s medical devices perform increasingly critical roles in healthcare, with many offering improved performance and function due to the use of conformal coatings. Functional...

Blog: Energy

As I was scrolling through research lab press releases for a Q&A column, one caught my eye: “Remote High-Voltage Sensor Unveiled at Sandia Gamma Ray Lab.” High voltage is not the sexiest of technology...

Articles: Manufacturing & Prototyping

This article is a marked departure from my annual reporting on the past year’s performance of the health of the MEMS industry vis-à-vis my MEMS Industry Commercialization Report Card. [1] ...

Facility Focus: Nanotechnology

The University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science, more commonly known as Penn Engineering or SEAS, offers programs that emphasize hands-on study of engineering...