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On Billy's Blog, Billy Hurley, Digital Editorial Manager, writes stories about new and innovative achievements in design engineering, from industrial robots and autonomous vehicles to 3D printers and see-through solar cells. Along with other Tech Briefs writers and editors, Billy shares his opinions, poses questions to readers, and finds the fun, interesting, and unexpected stories behind today's leading-edge inventions.

Blog: Sensors/Data Acquisition
How to Make a Transistor – From Thread

Tufts University engineers are making transistors from a material you’re more likely to see in a fabric store than in the field of electronics.

"Actually it was not something we really planned!" Dr. Andrew Salmon told Tech Briefs.
How much does windshield glazing matter when cars drive themselves?
Researchers from Newcastle University continue to explore the source of Mars' mysterious methane.
The Tumaini app will could help farmers spot pests and disease before it's too late.
Lockheed Martin's Rob Chambers is working on a spacecraft that will bring astronauts back to the lunar surface.

NASA is planning a return to the Moon and an exploration-mission to Mars, but how will the human body hold up in microgravity for long...

A new-and-improved system from Stanford University captures light from a greater variety of surfaces, allowing a wider, farther imagery than ever before.

Scientists from Caltech and Northwestern University have found a way to generate electricity by combining saltwater with one of life's more undesirable compounds: rust.

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A reader asks: What role will emulation play in the verification of modern automotive solutions?
Our readers ask: How do you know that you have the right anode? How can you inspect the electrolyte or electrode material?
A team from the University of Pittsburgh looked to the butterfly to create a glass that is self-healing, liquid-repellant, and anti-fogging.
MIT's new way of automatically creating actuators is a bit like solving a Rubik's Cube.
A reader asks our industry expert: Will air taxis be influenced by military UAV standards?
Many of the technologies we use today – space blankets, hearing aids, food packaging – began on the Apollo 11 mission.
Blog: Manufacturing & Prototyping
With Embedded App, 'Anyone Can Program Robots'
A new app opens up robotics to a large user base.
At Sensors Expo in San Jose, Innovusion (Los Altos, CA) debuted the Cheetah high-resolution, image-grade LiDAR system with long-distance capability.
The key to IoT implementation: Democratizing big data, says SST's Christopher Chong.
Editor Bruce A. Bennett takes us through the unusual — and completely unexpected —at this year's LASER World of Photonics.
Many vendors at this year's event made their presence known with mega-sized booths.
The increased use of photonics has the potential to reduce CO2 emissions — by 3-billion tons.
News: Photonics/Optics
The bi-annual Laser World of Photonics exhibition begins today.
A new water purifier works better because it takes the shape of the rose.
An industry expert tells a Tech Briefs reader what's over the next hill regarding military UAVs.
A new machine-vision tool extracts and reports valuable driving data from the standard traffic cameras already in place.

While robots like the WildCat from Boston Dynamics reach speeds of just under 20 miles an hour, engineers from Georgia Tech have gone with a decidedly slower approach.

An Ohio State researcher shares with Tech Briefs the promise of potassium-oxygen batteries.
“Nothing is going to slow 5G down. I mean nothing," said one NIWeek panelist.


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