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Briefs : Lighting
Sliding Mode Pulsed Current Averaging IC Drivers for High-Brightness Light Emitting Diodes

Light Emitting Diode (LED) driver ICs associated with specific (uniquely operated) switching power supplies that optimize performance for High Brightness LEDs (HB-LEDs) have been developed. The LED drivers feature fewer external components and high power...

Articles : Lighting
Light Emitting Diodes — Choosing the Right LED for the Job

Understanding how LEDs work and what materials are used for ideal operation in various spectral ranges will aid in selecting the right color and ideal wavelengths for a variety of applications. This article will discuss the newest LED technology and products that are available for your...

Articles : Lighting
LED Spectra Pose New Design Challenges and Opportunities

We normally think of ‘white’ light as being comprised of all wavelengths in the visible spectrum, or at least of being comprised of red, green, and blue. However, white LEDs emit light only in the yellow and blue, and still appear to be white. How does this work?

Articles : Lighting
How to Address the Lighting Challenges of High-Brightness LEDs

Two overriding issues should be considered when driving high-brightness (HB) LEDs. The first is to ensure that a fairly constant current is available with minimal variation, since a fluctuation in current can cause an apparent change in brightness. The LED having a nonlinear response...

Products : Lighting
LED Power Module

The PIL300U-V Series LED power modules from Power Partners, Hudson, MA, provide 300W of output power from a 90-305VAC input range. The PIL300U-V design incorporates high PFC, meeting the requirements for EN61000-3-2. Standard output volt ages range from 12VDC to 150VDC. Exceptionally efficient, ratings are up to 94%, and the...

Products : Lighting
UV LED Spot Curing System

EXFO's Life Sciences & Industrial Division, Mississauga, ON, Canada, introduces the OmniCure® LX400 UV LED Spot Curing System. The system is able to control up to four UV LED heads simultaneously with a single connection or independently. UV LED heads are available in three different wavelengths (365nm, 385nm, and...

Products : Lighting
Light-Measurement System

The Jaz™ Modular Measuring Suite from Ocean Optics, Dunedin, FL, is now available for radiometric analysis of LEDs, flat panel displays, lamps, and other radiant sources. The Jaz Light Meter is a pre-configured, pre-calibrated spectrometer suite that is ideal for quality control, lab and field measurements of LED...

Products : Lighting
OLED Panel

The ORBEOS panel from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, San Jose, CA, has a round lamp surface of 80mm diameter, is 2.1mm thick, and weighs 24g. With an efficiency of 25lm/W, the panel beats that of conventional halogen lamps. Its warm white color temperature (2,800K, CRI up to 80) matches the warm light of an incandescent lamp, and is...

Products : Lighting

QuasarBrite™ UV LEDs from Lumex, Palatine, IL, are available in 385nm, 405nm, and 415nm wavelengths at 4-6mW in through-hole format. A robust TO-46 package with a glass lens provides a lifespan of more than 50,000 hours. QuasarBrite UV LEDs provide a uniform beam pattern and do not use the hazardous mercury material found in CCFL...

Products : Lighting
High-Output Red LEDs

Opto Diode, Newbury Park, CA, offers the OD-624L High-Output Red LED with a dominant emission wavelength at 624 nm (typical) and a narrow beam angle that is ideal for fluorescence in medical, scientific testing instruments, and forensic applications. The lighting device delivers total power output ranging from 80 mW...

Products : Lighting
White LED Backlight Driver

Alpha & Omega Semiconductor, Sunnyvale, CA, has expanded its EZBoost™ family with a white LED backlight driver, the AOZ1950. The AOZ1950 provides backlighting solutions for portable devices using medium-sized LCD panels such as netbooks, media players, and navigation devices. The AOZ1950 is a high performance...

Application Briefs : Lighting
Greening the Golden Arches

Last July, Ric Richards — a fast-food franchisee — opened the first green McDonald’s in North Carolina, proving that it can be affordable and effective to build a sustainable fast-food restaurant. One of the key green elements to the Cary, NC-based McDonald’s is energy-saving, high-quality...

Application Briefs : Lighting
Bright and Economical LEDs Enable Mobile Projection
3M, St. Paul, MN www.3m.com
OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, Sunnyvale, CA www.osram-os.com

Micro projectors from 3M that can be connected to mobile phones and cameras include LEDs from OSRAM Opto Semi-conductors. The small, bright, energy-saving diodes were the key to developing the...

Briefs : Lighting
Sliding Mode Pulsed Current Averaging IC Drivers for High-Brightness Light Emitting Diodes
SynDiTec Inc.,
San Jose, CA

This project developed new light emitting diode (LED) driver ICs associated with specific (uniquely operated) switching power supplies that optimize performance for High Brightness LEDs (HBLEDs). The drivers...

Briefs : Lighting
Development of Advanced LED Phosphors by Spray-based Processes for Solid-State Lighting
Cabot Corp.,
Boston, MA

The overarching goal of this project was to develop luminescent materials using aerosol processes for making improved LED devices for solid-state lighting. In essence, this means improving white light emitting...

NASA Spinoff : Lighting
Piezoelectric Switch for Controlling Lighting

Piezoelectric materials convert mechanical energy into electrical energy, and electrical energy into mechanical energy. They generate electrical charges in response to mechanical stress and generate mechanical displacement and/or force when subjected to an electric current.

Techs for License : Lighting
Nanofiber-based Lighting Technology

A lighting technology from RTI is more energy efficient than the common incandescent light bulb and does not contain mercury, making it environmentally safer than the compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulb. At the core of the technology is an advanced nanofiber structure that provides exceptional lighting...

Briefs : Lighting
OLED Deposition Technology

Low-cost processing methods will be required if the small organic molecule materials currently under development for use in organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) and other electronics are ever to realize wide spread commercial application.

News : Energy
Recovering Raw Materials for Green Technologies

Engineering researchers from the University of Leeds have discovered how to recover significant quantities of rare-earth oxides, present in titanium dioxide minerals. Rare-earth oxides are useful in many applications, such as the manufacture of wind turbines, energy-efficient lighting, and hybrid...

Products : Energy
Reflective Switch Employed in Wind Turbines for RPM Sensing

The OPB732 Series long distance infrared reflective switch from TT electronics OPTEK Technology (Carrollton, TX) has been employed in a 6kW wind turbine for RPM sensing. Placed at the turbine rotor, the switch is used internally to sense RPMs, and that data is then transmitted to a...

News : Energy
Research: Reducing Energy Consumption in Street Lighting

Experts from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute's Lighting Research Center (LRC) estimate that about half of the approximately 13 million streetlights in the U.S. have the opportunity to reduce energy consumption by 50 percent - translating to an annual savings of 1 billion kWh, and a...

Products : Lighting
LED Characterization System

As part of the design process, engineers must predict the performance of their LED system and determine if it will meet specifications at real operating temperatures and electrical drive conditions. The ETΦ™ family of LED Characterization Systems (also known as ETO) from Orb Optronix (Kirkland, WA) measures the...

Videos : Energy
Germany Takes the 2009 Solar Decathlon

Today, DOE Deputy Secretary Daniel Poneman announced the winners of the 2009 Solar Decathlon competition on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The student team from Darmstadt, Germany, won top honors by designing, building, and operating the most attractive and efficient solar-powered home. This is the...

News : Energy
People, Prosperity, and the Planet (P3)

The EPA has awarded 43 grants to teams of university students who will design technologies addressing sustainability challenges in the developed and developing world. The People, Prosperity, and the Planet (P3) competition asks students to design and build technologies that improve quality of life,...

Products : Energy
White LED Driver Offers Dynamic Backlight Control

Portable media devices have increasingly larger displays and longer video playback, and require more power. The LM3530 from National Semiconductor Corp. (Santa Clara, CA) employs ambient light-sensing algorithms and content-adjustable backlighting to optimize displays, saving 55 percent of...

Products : Lighting
Large Area OLED Device

Novaled (Dresden, Germany) developed a 15 x 15 cm white OLED with a thickness of less than 2 mm. The Novaled OLED stack allows for a natural and warm white light, performing with a high color rendering index (CRI) of 90 - which looks similar to sunlight or what is delivered by incandescent bulbs.

News : Energy
DOE Invests in Improving SSL

Today, DOE Secretary Steven Chu announced the investment of up to $6.4 million (including $4.6 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act) for advancing research and development of next generation high-efficiency lighting.

News : Lighting
Breakthrough, Ultrathin LEDs

A new LED display process developed by an international team of researchers offers properties like see-through construction and mechanical flexibility - which would be impossible to achieve with existing technologies.

News : Green Design & Manufacturing
Nanocrystals Could Aid in Solid-State Lighting and CO2 Storage

Scientists at Berkeley Lab have created non-toxic magnesium oxide nanocrystals whose size can be adjusted within just a few nanometers. The nanocrystals glow blue when exposed to ultraviolet light, and could be a bright candidate for lighting that consumes less energy and has a...

News : Energy
Emitters Provide Flexibility

Philips Lumileds (San Jose, CA) expanded its LUXEON® Rebel family of LEDs with nine new emitters designed for illumination solutions such as recessed lighting, street lamps, and retrofit bulbs. The new LEDs meet ENERGY STAR® requirements.