Question of the Week: Aerospace
In 10 years, will brain-controlled UAVs support critical applications?

In this week’s INSIDER story, researcher Panagiotis Artemiadis predicted that we will see an increase in brain-controlled UAVs within the next ten years. The mind-controlled...

News: Motion Control
Drone Control: How the Human Brain Can Guide Robotic Swarms

Who needs a keyboard, a mouse, or a joystick? A researcher from Arizona State University wants to command machines with the human brain.

Briefs: Aerospace
Airborne Sense-and-Avoid Radar Panel

Although unmanned aerial systems (UAS) have proven increasingly useful in a variety of applications, their widespread usage within the National Airspace System is limited because of regulatory restrictions on...

Briefs: Aerospace
Aircraft Engine Exhaust Nozzle System for Jet Noise Reduction

A system of nozzles and pylons that redistributes jet exhaust noise sources upstream to reduce jet noise has been developed. Certain aircraft configurations install the propulsion...

Briefs: Aerospace
Multi-Fidelity Simulator (MFS)

Many next-generation air traffic algorithms may be formed by learning algorithms or dynamic programming techniques. These techniques form their solutions through iterative methods where the efficacy of a proposed...

Briefs: Aerospace
Using Aerial Towing to Study Sonic Booms

Researchers at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center (AFRC) recently completed a study of the feasibility of aerial towing an unpiloted, sub-scale vehicle to supersonic flight conditions to examine the...

INSIDER: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
Origami Techniques Expand Compacted Spacecraft

Origami has once again inspired engineers at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California. Besides aesthetic beauty, the Japanese tradition of paper-folding addresses a...

News: Propulsion
From the Earth to the Moon: How Robert Goddard Launched Present-Day Spaceflight

On a snowy day in 1926, a 44-year-old physicist named Robert Goddard went with his wife...

News: Defense
Sound-Off: With High-Speed Data, How Important is Signal Integrity?

Modern avionics are highly dependent on reliable connectivity — and reliable interconnection systems. As data rates inevitably improve to address greater military requirements,...

On-Demand Webinars: Aerospace
High-Speed Data Transmission in Military Aircraft: System Lifeline or Costly Afterthought?

The military aerospace industry is moving away from proprietary offerings to solutions with standardized protocols using open-source architectures. As a...

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