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Embedded Computing Options Meet Rugged Industrial Requirements
NASA Awards 2007 Software of the Year
Using Laser Vibrometry to Validate Gossamer Space Structures
Infrared Radiation Detectors for Thermographic Imaging

Who's Who

Dr. Anthony Colaprete, LCROSS Principal Investigator, Ames Research Center

Products of the Month

Capacitive Sensor
Product of the Month: LED Light Source
UV Spectral Metal Coating
Laser Diode Driver and Temperature Controller
Picosecond Cold Processing Laser
Diode Pumped Gain Module
Display Production Test Sequencer
Laser Diode Controller
Flat Panel Heaters
Radhard Fiber Optic Cable
Galvanometer Mirrors
Optical Edge Filters
Turnkey Diode Laser System
Fiber Optic Rotary Encoder
LED-Based Backlights
Spectral Irradiance Meter
Reflective Electro-Absorption Modulator
InGaAs Pin Photodiodes
Single Mode Coupler/Splitter
DC-AC Inverter
Wavelength Stabilized Lasers
Optical Communication System Design Tool
Precision Filament Supply
DC/DC Converter
Ceramic Capacitor
In-Camera GigE Board
Gigabit Ethernet Cameras
Wide-VGA Cameras
Image Processing Software
Thermal Imaging Camera
Linear Arrays
Camera Electronics
Machine Vision Cameras

Application Briefs

Image Sensors Provide Mission-Critical Data for Space Flight
Image of Spacecraft Landing on Mars Captured by Image Sensors
Nanophotonics Principles and Applications
Real-Time Web-Based Image Distribution Using an Airborne GPS/Inertial Image Server
Tech Briefs

Semiconductors & ICs

HEMT Amplifiers and Equipment for Their On-Wafer Testing
On-Wafer Measurement of a Silicon-Based CMOS VCO at 324 GHz

Mechanics & Machinery

Alignment Pins for Assembling and Disassembling Structures
A New, Highly Improved Two-Cycle Engine
Flexible Structural-Health-Monitoring Sheets
Microgravity, Mesh-Crawling Legged Robots
Advanced Active-Magnetic-Bearing Thrust-Measurement System
Thermally Actuated Hydraulic Pumps
Lightweight Carbon-Carbon High-Temperature Space Radiator

Information Sciences

Toward Better Modeling of Supercritical Turbulent Mixing
JPEG 2000 Encoding With Perceptual Distortion Control
Intelligent Integrated Health Management for a System of Systems
Delay Banking for Managing Air Traffic
Spline-Based Smoothing of Airfoil Curvatures
Reducing Spaceborne-Doppler-Radar Rainfall-Velocity Error
Stochastic Analysis of Orbital Lifetimes of Spacecraft


Directed Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Across Gaps
Nanotip Carpets as Antireflection Surfaces
Nano-Engineered Catalysts for Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Making More-Complex Molecules Using Superthermal Atom/Molecule Collisions
Improved Silica Aerogel Composite Materials
Nematic Cells for Digital Light Deflection


Multiphysics Modeling Simplifies Analysis of Electrical and Electromagnetic Effects
Geophysical Wave Propagation Calculation Using Multiphysics
Simulating the Manufacturing Process of Ceramic Matrix Composites
3D Program Aids Design of Custom Iron Work
Displaying CFD Solution Parameters on Arbitrary Cut Planes
Flow Solver for Incompressible 2-D Drive Cavity
Flow Solver for Incompressible Rectangular Domains
Simulating Avionics Upgrades to the Space Shuttles
Simulating the Phoenix Landing Radar System
Injecting Artificial Memory Errors Into a Running Computer Program
Fault-Tolerant, Multiple-Zone Temperature Control
Implementing a Digital Phasemeter in an FPGA
Post-Flight Estimation of Motion of Space Structures: Part 1
Post-Flight Estimation of Motion of Space Structures: Part 2
Simulating Operation of a Large Turbofan Engine
Automated Assistance for Designing Active Magnetic Bearings
Computational Simulation of a Water-Cooled Heat Pump
Computational Model of Heat Transfer on the ISS
Optimization of Angular-Momentum Biases of Reaction Wheels
Short- and Long-Term Propagation of Spacecraft Orbits
Monte Carlo Simulation To Estimate Likelihood of Direct Lightning Strikes
Adaptive MGS Phase Retrieval
Predicting Boundary-Layer Transition on Space-Shuttle Re-Entry
Calculations for Calibration of a Mass Spectrometer
Simulating the Gradually Deteriorating Performance of an RTG
2D/3D Synthetic Vision Navigation Display
Automated Camera Array Fine Calibration
Multichannel Networked Phasemeter Readout and Analysis
MISR Instrument Data Visualization
Platform for Postprocessing Waveform-Based NDE
System for Continuous Delivery of MODIS Imagery to Internet Mapping Applications
Automatic Rock Detection and Mapping from HiRISE Imagery
Parallel Computing for the Computed-Tomography Imaging Spectrometer
Processing LiDAR Data To Predict Natural Hazards
Rock Segmentation Through Edge Regrouping
DSN Array Simulator
Estimating Software-Development Costs With Greater Accuracy
Visual Target Tracking on the Mars Exploration Rovers
Parametric-Studies and Data-Plotting Modules for the SOAP
Testing of Error-Correcting Sparse Permutation Channel Codes
SPICE Module for the Satellite Orbit Analysis Program (SOAP)
Enhanced Reporting of Mars Exploration Rover Telemetry
Facilitating Analysis of Multiple Partial Data Streams
Service-Oriented Architecture for NVO and TeraGrid Computing
Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Wrapper Script

Manufacturing & Prototyping

Capillography of Mats of Nanofibers
Improved Gas Filling and Sealing of an HC-PCF
Thermal Spray Formation of Polymer Coatings

Physical Sciences

Near-Field Spectroscopy With Nanoparticles Deposited by AFM
Simplified Modeling of Oxidation of Hydrocarbons
Hard-X-Ray/Soft-γ-Ray Imaging Sensor Assembly for Astronomy
Hyperspectral Fluorescence and Reflectance Imaging Instrument
Light Collimator and Monitor for a Spectroradiometer
Progress in Acoustic Transmission of Power Through Walls
Transmissive Diffractive Optical Element Solar Concentrators
Ultra-Stable Beacon Source for Laboratory Testing of Optical Tracking
Delaying Trains of Short Light Pulses in WGM Resonators
Improving the Optical Quality Factor of the WGM Resonator


Purifying Nucleic Acids From Samples of Extremely Low Biomass
Adjustable-Viewing-Angle Endoscopic Tool for Skull Base and Brain Surgery
UV-Resistant Non-Spore-Forming Bacteria From Spacecraft-Assembly Facilities


Transmissive Diffractive Optical Element Solar Concentrators
Nematic Cells for Digital Light Deflection
Improving the Optical Quality Factor of the WGM Resonator
Ultra-Stable Beacon Source for Laboratory Testing of Optical Tracking
Delaying Trains of Short Light Pulses in WGM Resonators

Electronics & Computers

High-Voltage, Asymmetric-Waveform Generator
Group-III Nitride Field Emitters
Magic-T Junction Using Microstrip/Slotline Transitions
Tech Exchange

Tech Needs

Wireless Communication for Factory Automation
Powder Atomization Technology

NASA Tech Needs

Lunar Science Instrumentation: Understanding and Characterizing the Moon Through Challenging Measurements

Tech for License

Irrigation Water Extracted from Air and Soil Moisture Through Solar Power
Aircraft Support Via a Vortex-Ring Cushion Projector