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Briefs: Information Technology
WAN DBMS Search Engine for Scientific Data Formats

A software interface between scientific data formats (SDF's) and wide-area data-base search-engine software has been developed to provide seamless access to data used in support of NASA projects. Most SDF's are known or understood by only a select audience. These SDF's are also only searchable...

Briefs: Software
Software for Modeling Dynamics of Optical Interferometers

The Single Mode Acquisition Code (SMAC) computer program mathematically models the optical, mechanical, and electronic dynamics of high-finesse, long-baseline, multiple-cavity optical interferometers like those used in gravity-wave detectors. Dynamical situations that can be simulated...

A method of computational filtering enables the removal of distortions from flight-test data. The method is built upon and adapts the methods of wavelet-transform analysis to the...

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