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Browse the innovative developments in electronic components that are enabling advancements in passives, semiconductors, electromechanical, power and circuit protection. Access technical briefs and articles that provide essential applications for cellphones, laptops, tablets, and other electronics.

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Briefs: Photonics/Optics
Growing large-area graphene on optical substrates enables use in photonics devices.
Briefs: Materials
The approach achieves near 100% light emission efficiency at all brightness levels.
Briefs: Photonics/Optics
Applications include planetary exploration and imaging systems used in surveillance, navigation, and target recognition.
Products: Materials
Battery-pack test systems, data management, connector clips, and more.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
This component takes up ten times less space on computer chips.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
High-voltage direct current cables can more efficiently transport electricity over long distances.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The protective coating works like body armor for the atomically thin materials.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
The device paves the way for better prosthetic control and seamless interaction with electronic devices.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The ultrathin magnet could advance new applications in computing and electronics.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
An already ubiquitous material in outdoor photovoltaic modules could be repurposed for indoor devices with low-capacity batteries.
Briefs: Photonics/Optics
This combination of technologies could enable developments for many optical applications.
Briefs: Semiconductors & ICs
Applications include telecommunications, optical switching, and quantum computing.
Briefs: Sensors/Data Acquisition
To enable the development of wearable devices that possess advanced ultraviolet (UV) detection functions, scientists have created a new type of light sensor that is both flexible and highly sensitive.
Briefs: Wearables
Implantable chips visible only in a microscope point the way to developing chips that can be injected into the body with a hypodermic needle to monitor medical conditions.
Products: Communications
Laser-distance sensors, light monitoring, flow meters, and more.
Articles: Automotive
A tiny investment in system capital expenditures can lead to huge rewards in reduced capital and operating expenses.
Briefs: RF & Microwave Electronics
Monitoring urine sugar levels is important during early stages of diabetes, and diaper sensors represent an attractive solution.
Application Briefs: Electronics & Computers
Learn how to outfit your equipment with sensors.
Application Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
The global interoperability standard supports manufacturing and manufacturing DX (digital transformation) in the digital era.
Articles: Motion Control
Drive and control platforms provide the vital protection of people and machines in automated manufacturing efforts.
Application Briefs: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
See how COMSOL is supporting upcoming modifications to railway infrastructure in India.
Products: Materials
Motion controllers, electric cylinders, cobot brakes, and more.
Articles: Motion Control
Learn seven key design considerations for implementing electrohydraulic valves.
Products: Manufacturing & Prototyping
DATAQ® Instruments announced the Model DI-4730 high-voltage isolated data acquisition system.
Articles: Test & Measurement
CEO Keith Moore tells Tech Briefs about the unique challenges facing testing engineers in aerospace.
Blog: Mechanical & Fluid Systems
An industry expert explains why automotive manufacturers are turning to a "floating" board-to-board connection.
Question of the Week: Energy
Will ‘Charging Rooms’ Catch On?

Our Question of the Week focuses on today’s lead story – the creation of an aluminum test area that wirelessly powered lamps, fans, and cell phones.

Technology Leaders: Data Acquisition
Learn different strategies for addressing outdated avionics, like adding in commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) products.
5 Ws: Electronics & Computers
The durable soft electronics could be used in wearable electronics and soft robotics and could someday be part of a stretchable smartphone.

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