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New technologies in power supplies and management, board-level electronics, electronics and computers, and battery systems provide wide-ranging applications essential to military, aviation, medical, and automotive.

White Papers: Electronics & Computers
E-mobility: Overcoming data acquisition challenges in EV/EV Ecosystem

With the increasing needs of testing solutions for e-vehicles, vehicle development and construction confront a variety of test and measurement challenges. New components...

White Papers: Electronics & Computers
Regulatory Approvals: The Radio Equipment Goal

Many manufacturers think of product testing as the significant step to market access, but most of that testing is performed to get the equipment authorized for use in the intended country, for...

Special Reports: Energy
Power Electronics - August 2022

This compendium of recent articles from the editors of Tech Briefs and Aerospace & Defense Technology looks at the latest advances in power electronics and energy storage for a range of applications...

Products: Design
New Products from the August 2022 issue of Motion Design.
Articles: Manned Systems

“ G odspeed, fellas. Let’s go have some fun.” These were the words of encouragement from mission control at the Kennedy Space Center — only this time for the first private astronaut...

Products: Electronics & Computers
New products on the market in August 2022.
Briefs: Electronics & Computers
The researchers plan to apply the design to edge computing devices.
Briefs: Materials
A simple change to the surface of perovskite removes a barrier to its functionality.
Articles: Design
This column presents technologies that have applications in commercial areas, possibly creating the products of tomorrow.
Briefs: Medical
Additional applications include defogging/defrosting, wearable devices, industrial heat systems, sensors, thermochromic displays, and microfluidic chips.
Briefs: Manned Systems
Advanced analyses shed light on the mechanism of a deadly problem plaguing combustion chambers in rocket engines.
Briefs: Energy
The National Renewable Energy Laboratory is leading the development of new lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery designs specific to the stationary storage requirements.
Issue Archive: Electronics & Computers
White Papers: Electronics & Computers
Headphone Electroacoustic Measurements Application Note

However, you may call them, headphones, earphones, earbuds, headsets, etc. require a lot of testing before they end up with the end consumer. Also, due to the close coupling of...

White Papers: Electronics & Computers
Your Toggle Clamp Guide to a Wide Range of Holding Force

Toggle Clamps use a linkage system to increase force applied to the handle to tightly secure objects. Saving valuable space without sacrificing holding capacity or clamp...

Special Reports: Transportation
Vehicle Electrification - July 2022

Innovation is happening at a rapid pace in the e-mobility space. Read this compendium of recent articles from the editors of Automotive Engineering and Truck & Off-Highway Engineering to learn about...

Special Reports: Propulsion
Space Technology - July 2022

Read about a novel approach to space mining, an advanced propulsion system for hypersonic flight to Mach 17, how digital technology is fueling a new space economy, and much more in this compendium of recent...

Question of the Week: Electronics & Computers
LEGO-Like Artificial Intelligence Chip

Imagine a more sustainable future, where cellphones, smartwatches, and other wearable devices don’t have to be shelved or discarded for a newer model. Instead, they could be upgraded with the latest sensors and processors that would snap onto a device’s internal chip — like LEGO bricks incorporated...

Question of the Week: Electronics & Computers
Smart Molecules Act as Computer Transistors

Researchers have discovered a single-molecule switch that can act like a transistor and store binary information. The molecule is around five square nanometers in size — more than one billion of them would fit onto the cross-section of a human hair.

INSIDER: Physical Sciences

Scientists at Berkeley Lab have discovered a physical phenomenon that is the basis for a new material that has 150% better thermal conductivity than conventional materials used in...

INSIDER: Photonics/Optics

Imagine a more sustainable future, where cellphones, smartwatches, and other wearable devices don’t have to be shelved or discarded for a newer model. Instead, they could be upgraded with the...

INSIDER: Materials

A team from the Tulane University School of Science and Engineering has developed a new family of two-dimensional materials that researchers say has promising applications, including in...

Question of the Week: Electronics & Computers
EV Managed Charging Improves Vehicle-Grid Integration

It is 5 p.m., and you arrive home from work when it is peak demand for the grid. Your electric vehicle (EV) is 50% charged — you could either plug it in and charge right away or, if it works for your plans, schedule the vehicle to charge at a better time for the grid.

White Papers: Electronics & Computers
Time to Re-evaluate Automotive Event Data Recorders

What is the future architecture for event data recorders (EDRs) and automotive datalogging? This paper reviews an architecture suitable for current EDRs, next-generation EDRs that...

Blog: Sensors/Data Acquisition

As I was scrolling through research lab press releases for a Q&A column, one caught my eye: “Remote High-Voltage Sensor Unveiled at Sandia Gamma Ray Lab.” High voltage is not the sexiest of technology...

Special Reports: Electronics & Computers
Rugged Computing & Electronics - June 2022

From the battlefield to the extremes of space, electronics and computing advances enable missions in the harshest conditions. Keep pace with the latest developments in this compendium of recent...

Articles: Photonics/Optics

With AR eyeglasses, the screen of a mobile device can be transitioned to the lens of a pair of eyeglasses. The problem with that is that even though the technology has been around for a while, the...

Application Briefs: AR/AI

We are currently moving into the next automation age. It is a world where your personal devices will help you track your health in real time, while conveniently connecting with your...